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STO in Cleveland area freezes

Hey all.
I have Uverse and so do my parents in a different city. While watching the Indian games since April, we have both noticed that STO (Sports Time Ohio) freezes up...a lot. I have had issues with Disney HD freezing up for a couple years now, had two different techs come out and say everything is fine and have just learned to switch to the SD channel when it happens, but now with STO HD freezing up I feel like I'm paying a lot of $$$ every month and not really getting a first rate product.
Anyone else in the Cleveland area noticing issues like these with STO HD (and Disney HD also)?


Fremont, OH
STO used to freeze a lot on regular TWC and WOW cable in cleveland as well. I think its an issue with that network and its a known issue.


My sister has Dish Network and my friend has WOW and neither of them have any issues with STO freezing though...and that wouldn't explain Disney HD freezing either.

Dallas, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
reply to pongool
If you change channels and change back does the problem fix itself? I've heard somewhat of a rumor that there might be an issue with the Microsoft client on some of the STBs with certain HD video streams where it hangs. Changing channels and back corrects the problem. Not ideal, but at least a temporary workaround.

It could also be a problem with the particular encoder for that channel in your region or potentially the actual feed from the network itself. Have you opened a thread in the ATT Direct forum here? You might actually make a little progress with the Techs there and at least get closer to understanding what is going on and why.
Scott, CCIE #14618 Routing & Switching