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Ultra and ASUS Router "Non-problem"

Finally pulled trigger on Ultra TV install last week and am pleased. I expected problems using my existing dual band ASUS RTN56U wireless router with Arris Gateway. However, I simply unplugged the ASUS WAN cable from my Motorola SB5120 modem and plugged it into one of Arris Gateway LAN ports; disabled the Arris radio; and everything seems fine. I did not even have to reset the ASUS to AP mode or configure a DMZ as I have seen in some forum posts. Wireless and wired connections (all connected to ASUS router) work fine; networked printer is fine; and access to network drive on ASUS USB port works fine. Am I missing something here? What capability or future problem with this very simple "plug and play" configuration am I missing? I thought it would be a lot more complicated to get it all working.


Clinton Township, MI

Im running my RT-AC66R Asus router in the same form. Turned every thing off in my MG and I let the Asus carry the load for the home network. My MG is being used as nothing more then a cable modem. But I like having the extra lan ports on the back. I plugged my magicjack+ into one of the ports and it works great.


reply to gruto12

I did the same thing with my linksys/cicco router and have had zero issues.


Utica, MI
reply to gruto12

It might work, but you are now in a double nat scenario. Don't expect port forwarding or UPnP to work correctly.