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Stratus won't start (even with jumper pack)

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I finally have the money to get the car fixed. Problem is that it sat out all winter while I got around on the bus.

I used my DieHard jumper pack to try to jump start it. When I hook up the jumper pack and turn the key, I hear a fast "clicking" sound but it won't turn over. Battery is difficult to access as you have to jack it up and remove the driver's side front wheel. Otherwise I would remove the battery and warranty it out at sears.

Driving the car is iffy as the inspection sticker is expired and I am going to take it to get inspected to see what it needs to pass state inspection. It will be rejected as it needs a complete exhaust system to pass. They get you on other things like ball joints and tie rod ends.

I wish I was still in Iowa, they don't inspect cars there. But they can stop you for a loud exhaust (which I do have).
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My first thought is the battery reached a state where it no longer allows a recharge. Perhaps a cell or two are shot. Cold winters are famous for this behavior.

Second thought is the charger isn't putting out enough power to charge the battery. The clicking noise indicates there is power but not enough for the starting system.

If you test with a multimeter what's the voltage output on the charger and what's the voltage on the battery right now?

Antioch, IL
reply to IowaCowboy
Throw a charger on it for a few hours. If that battery sat all winter without an occasional charge, that jumper pack isn't nearly enough to help it start the car.
Also, finding someone with good jumper cables willing to jump your car will help much more than that little battery pack.

Naperville, IL
reply to IowaCowboy
With others charge at least 12 hrs. Then try it, if it doesn't work take the battery to be tested. Like other said bad cell, even if it has 12 v or so. Prob not enough to start the car.

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reply to IowaCowboy
Owners Manual - DieHard Portable Power 750 with 12 Volt Outlet and Light

What status do the LED indicators show? If should be fully charged and have a good battery.

Is the battery in the booster over 3-5 Years old? It may be defective/weak/past it's useful life.

Has the booster been kept fully charged and topped off every 30 days when not in use?

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