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EA4500, SB6141, TWC: Unstable connection

I'm having a weird issue with my new EA4500 router. Ever since I installed it, my internet connection has been unstable. It will go down every few minutes, come back up, be slow for some of the time it's up, go back down, come back up but slow, be nice for a little bit, etc lather, rinse, repeat.

Of course, if I pull it out and put in the old router, or if I connect it directly to the PC, there are no problems. So, I did what seemed logical: assumed I'd gotten a lemon, and got a replacement. I hooked up the replacement and got hit with the same problem. It seemed unlikely that I would get two identical lemons, so now I dig a little bit. No matter what, I can always access the modem's configuration page, so it doesn't seem like an issue with the WAN port on the router. Instead, it's an issue for accessing anything on the other side of the modem.

Any thoughts?


Denver, CO
Just a guess. When you change something, you should shut down modem, router and computer. Plug in modem and wait for it to fully boot, then plug in router and wait for it to totally come on line and finally turn on computer.


Boston, MA
reply to CodeCompilin
Check power supply. This thing requires 12v/2A

I was having similar issues until I replaced mine.

Hey guys,

It seems like neither of these solutions are what I'm looking for. I tried doing what one poster suggested: Letting modem boot first, then router, then computer, and I was completely unable to get an internet connection. Couldn't even reach the modem's config page.

Additionally, the power supply I'm using is the one that came with the modem: 12v/2A. I made sure to use the new power supply when I swapped the router, so it doesn't seem to be a bad power supply.

Thanks for your help so far!


Boston, MA
reply to CodeCompilin
I use it with a sb6120 and firmware 2.0.37 classic and it works fine.

Which modem and firmware do you have?