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Chicago, IL
reply to howardfine

Re: Sprinkler systems too much trouble?

I installed a sprinkler system myself in the front yard when we ripped out all the rock and installed grass and a garden behind it against the house. The trick to having a reliable sprinkler system for years to come is all in the quality of the install! (Like just about any kind of system)

I used poly pipe and double clamped each fitting (even though our water pressure is a mere 45 PSI) The poly pipe is a little more freeze resistant then PVC. I blow the system out with an air compressor every fall (what the professionals do)

Anyway it's been 5 years and I haven't had to perform a single bit of maintenance besides clearing a couple clogged sprayheads every once in awhile! The rotors average lifespan is about 5-10 years and ours are starting to show their age though, so I will be planning a project to swap those out sometime. Perhaps I'll use RainBird this time!

Another thing to note, micro irrigation systems (for flower beds, gardens, etc) are usually pretty high maintenance. The flower bed area has one and I do have to perform yearly repairs on it, but I keep spare parts around for it. This year someone stepped on one of the distributor heads and broke it though, so I'll be having to replace that (It was probably me hahaha)