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Fredericksburg, TX

"Susan" the Vigin rep is USELESS!!

Here is my transcript with "Susan", about a 4G LTE modem...

Susan: Hi! I’m a live Virgin Mobile specialist. How may I help you today?
You: Do you have a 4G LTE broadband modem yet?
Susan: Thank you for visiting Virgin Mobile today! I'd be more than happy to assist you regarding our Broadband2Go devices.
Susan: I apologize, but we don't have 4G LTE Broadband2Go devices yet.
Susan: However, we do offer Broadband2Go devices which will work with the 4G Wimax coverage.
You: OK then. If I get the samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE phone, can I set that up as a hotspot?
You: My area does NOT get Wimax coverage, however Sprint, which you guys piggyback off, does have 4G LTE in my area.
You: Besides Wimax is SLOW technology. Wouldn't want it anyway.
Susan: I am sorry about this.
Susan: Please feel free to chat with us again should you have additional questions.
Susan: Thank you for visiting us today.

THEN she cuts me off!!!

FU "Susan" and FU Virgin!!!


Kansas City, MO
Why do you think wimax is slow?

As I have said for a long time, Virgin Mobile usa is a self service company... all the reps can do is take a payment If you wan't a full service company pay for a 2 year contract

...and technically they don't piggyback on sprint... they ARE sprint


Princeton, TX
reply to Ripperjack
The same crap I got in my email response, where I ask them if there are any plans for a 4G LTE hotspot. After telling them that I know their present offerings only support 4G Wimax, all he says is "sorry, our hotspots only support Wimax". So yeah, either their english comprehension is zilch, or they have absolutely zero to offer other than taking your money. Hence, my visit here to maybe find some info.

Hopefully they are keeping track of interest for such a device.