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Re: Sprinkler systems too much trouble?

I installed my own and have no problem with it. It's all about the quality of the sprinklers, pipe used and a good installation.

I had a shallow well drilled because I did not want to use house water for three reasons, its expensive and not enough water pressure or water flow from a 3/4 inch meter (no reclaimed here). If you have reclaimed, its even easier.

I only have 3 zones for a large corner lot. 1 zone is popup sprays, the other two are large rotor zones. I used only commercial grade Toro sprinklers, not the consumer crap you get at HD/Lowes.

They key is getting the pipe deep enough that the sprinklers don't stick out above the grass at all and using flexible risers so you don't snap heads off when you are mowing or chop them up. Other than that, I really have no problem with the system, I've always been perplexed at how some people have so many problems.

I spent I think 1,200 on the system, plus $500 for having 6 shallow well points drilled and plumbed (I supplied the pump).

It's certainly something that can be done DIY if you plan it out, research and have the time to do it. I did it because I have no patience for watering with a hose and if you don't water here in Florida, you get a dead yard.

And I second that post about micro-irrigation, its a waste of time and money, I tried that before I put in my system in and it was a friggin nightmare. The heads would fly off if you touched them wrong, even with a filter they would get dirt in them and spray funky, or not water a bush enough and it would wilt while all the others were fine... just a complete nightmare.