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cyber gutter

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Re: Put blame where it belongs - an admin cover-up

But if Verizon and a multitude of other companies believed in the law of 'warrant please', plus 'lets see if this warrant you finally got is actually valid', people wouldn't continue to be illegally searched and illegally fondled since Dubyas 9/11 B.S.

If the corporation is then punished for refusing to give out unwarranted private information like its raining, then they must purposely publish that information. But then the catch22 of how the corporations bribes to the government may no longer be honored for a few months.

Patriot Act is better known as Martial Law. Different name but still a crime against the people.
Once you let government do something, its really hard to stop it years later as law enforcement and people who think they are law enforcement since they got a uniform and a shiny badge grows accustomed to violating people in the name of paranoia.

Meanwhile certain unhinged members of congress and the senate keep asking questions of Administration appointees and Administration officers who can't answer the questions due to the answers being a National secret. Leaks from morons in elected office are so fun to investigate.
Paranoid conspiracy nuts on National Defense and People who think the world is 6,000 years old who are on Science committees. what a clusterf*ck.