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Fort Lauderdale, FL

USG L2TP doesn't work w/ W7 native - following Brano's guide


Following your guide exactly. »L2TP VPN on USG - quick how-to

Double checked all settings. Even saw your later post about being careful with 3DES/AES128 with Win 7 native client. Can't get a connection. Keep getting Win 7 native error 789: The L2TP connection attempt failed because the security layer encountered a processing error during the initial negotiation with the remote computer.

I have also double checked the Windows client settings and I do have L2TP set and the preshared key set. Still getting same error. And, yes I am testing connection from over WAN, not on LAN.

What am I doing wrong? Really thinking I should blow this off and stick with Greenbow VPN and straight IPSec. L2TP is a royal pain in the backside to make work! Zyxel is not helping the situation.

One thing I was thinking is whats the point of creating the L2TP object at the very beginning of your first post, if you are not using that Object in the Service Group or anywhere else? Am I missing something?

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Burlington, ON
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Sorry to hear that. I have really no idea, the Phase 1 & Phase 2 settings I've presented are based 50/50 on documentation research and trial-error approach.

Maybe something has changed since then. Unfortunately I don't have cycles to get to it back any time soon.

One thing from separate thread somewhere here, make sure you un-install (and reboot) any VPN client you may have installed before trying native Windows client. 3rd party client seems to conflict with the native one.

Also, did you see this? »L2TP VPN on USG - quick how-to (Win7 updated)


Fort Lauderdale, FL
I did see the other post. Adjusted settings but no help. I asked Zyxel for help and their response was to recommend I use Greenbow and straight IPSec. Lovely.


reply to claykin
What are the gateway vpn logs saying? I had this exact problem when I followed the Brano guide. I didn't get it working until I started from scratch and followed the guide word-for-word (same names, etc.).

Being I just went through this, I might be able to assist. I had every problem known to man - Phase1/2 failing, Windows 7 client not connecting, split-tunneling not working, routing not working, DNS server not working. So I'll try and help as best as I can, if I can remember what I did, that is.