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North, VA
reply to Red_Menace

Re: Turning off Power to a Building

said by Red_Menace:

I've also worked in a few production environments, but haven't come across any that would allow panels to be shut off (ever), even though their own safety policy doesn't allow hot work. Nice.

Very familiar with that. When you consider what it costs a manufacturer to shut down a process it's very understandable to require the work to be done hot.

Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX

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reply to Clever_Proxy
said by Clever_Proxy:

I have a question for the electricians out there. I have a building that has an industrial 3 phase coming into it. The local utility company out here is going to be performing work on the transformers that feed the building directly. They told us to turn off the power to prevent damage to any of our equipment during the work.

Is there any danger to myself and the building by throwing these switches? I know enough about electricity to be dangerous and that's about it.

I'd turn off the lower load ones first.

I know that at a place I worked previously the head electrician got hospitalized when he turned off one of the large breakers that still had a high load on it (a huge arc occurred and burned his arm very badly)

Learn what feeds what and I would work my way from the breakers just after the normal looking ones up to the main.

Also Hope that the Main is labeled (at another place I worked they turned off all 3 mains, it has 3 sets of 3 phase power coming in at 980v, and I had to hunt for the one that powered the server room) (along with the lesser breakers leading to the panel that feed the transformer that feed the panel that feed the server room)(they had 480v distro through the building with a 3 phase transformer feeding a panel that powered the office area)(Ya it took some time to map out the path from server room to master breaker and did it by flashlight)
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