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Abbotsford, BC

can I record one tv show watch another on a motorola dct700?

before I was forced to buy the record tv shows motorola dct700 just so I can watch my TV shows I used to be able to record TV shows
sometimes I watch one show and record another that happens to be on at the same time, but now I am not sure if I can do this anymore.
do I need something different . I really don't want to have to fork out another 100.00 to shaw just to have the ability to do this. is there any other way?

Calgary, AB
Not easy,

Splitter before the DCT700, one line directly into the DCT700, the other into your TV directly,

Your TV will then need to connect to your VCR via RCA cables, change inputs to watch the DCT700 and/with VCR, and use normal channels to watch the analog channels.
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Richmond, BC
Given he had to buy a cable box just to watch TV, it would mean that unless he's wanting to watch basic cable, he's still suck.

So all you can do is either watch an analog channel while recording a digital one, or watch a digital while recording an analog one. Unfortunately, because of DNU, most of the channels you probably want to watch and record are digital. And no, Shaw does not let you use a regular CableCARD so you can use the dozens of other PVRs and solutions out there - you're suck with the crappy Shaw boxes at Shaw's rates.