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Etobicoke, ON
reply to Nilism

Re: No Outside Investment

said by Nilism:

There are still restrictions, they are just more lenient. I can't recall the gory details but it has something to do with market share now? Someone help me out.

Industry Canada should have just tossed all foreign restraints, but they just couldn't bring themselves to it.

In the end I am not convinced more competition is even the key. The market is saturated and entrenched. The government needs to lay the smack down on these guys and start enforcing what is already in place and add a few minor consumer protections against these outrageous contracts.

All the government has to do is encourage churn by:
- Getting ride of locked phones all together
- Tossing fixed term contracts
- Disconnecting hardware from service, which is tied-selling and illegal anyway

Even one of the above points would go a long way!

I never said there were no restrictions. They're just not relevant for the new carriers.

Unless they're going to regulate pricing down to reasonable levels then we require more competition. No ands ifs or buts. We're being raped so bad it is pathetic. The lack of competition is why the pricing is so ridiculously bad. Even doing all 3 of the above is not even close to being good enough. None of those were ever an issue for me or for a lot of customers.