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[CenturyTel] DSL dropping on only one PC?

My wife's PC is having a strange issue. It is losing it's internet connection after 30 to 60 minutes online.

Sometimes it comes back on it's own, sometimes she has to reboot.

My PC doesn't seem to be having the same issues, nor do our Kindle's.

But I did run a line test and got this message: "Turing tested you were found wanting".

Any idea what that means? I'm thinking it might be a DNS issues based on her Google Chrome messages, but I'm a Mechanical engineer, not an IT guy so I need help.



Apache Junction, AZ

Need a lot more information! Where are you located, what service do you have, what does your DSL moden status, wan status, broadband status say, what speeds are you getting with speedtest, is she using a laptop on wi-fi, etc. etc.?

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Las Vegas, NV
reply to pdxgearhead

That means you forgot to answer the anti-bot question. It's right below where it shows your IP address.

Note the use or non use of caps in the ping test question. Turing means you used a cap when you shouldn't have or vice verse. Use lower case.

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reply to ArizonaSteve

Thanks for the help guys:

I'm located in Portland, Oregon.

The modem status is fine, and we're only having the issues on on PC.

My wife's laptop has the issue on both wireless and wired. We're using an Actiontec M1000 modem and a relatively new Cisco/Linksys E1500 wireless router.

I ran a ping test which indicated some issues, how severe I don't know.


The tech also mentioned that it might be here TCP/IP giving issues, which I'm going to look into as well.

Thanks again!