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[Asterisk] Asterisk/FreePBX on Amazon EC2 Micro instance?

Anyone have any feedback on this? I see posts online on how to do it and I've done it myself and it works but then other posts say it's a bad idea since the resources aren't dedicated and are burstable and so on. Basically we have such a small use for it. We have 2 users in total. One will be making all their calls using an IP phone connected to Asterisk on possibly EC2. It will also host the IVR. The other user uses a cell phone for almost everything but might make some outbound calls at the same time as well. The other main reason we wanted it though was for conferencing which would host probably 1 or 2 internal users on IP phones, plus 1-2 external uses over voip. It may also host all users externally if they are working from home, so at most 4-5 concurrent calls on the conference bridge. The only other time there might be more calls is if the one employee works from home, they may use DISA to call in and place an outbound call so then 2 channels are in use. 95% of the time no more than 2 would ever be used with maybe 3% being 3 channels and then 2% being 4-5 channels.

So when people say EC2 isn't good for Asterisk hosting, is that for like 10+ concurrent type calls, or is it just bad in general for other reasons? The reason I'm not doing RentPBX or something similar is because the one user technically could use their cell, or could just connect the IP phone direct to voip.ms even. It's more just for the odd conference that we want to have with a few users at most.


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It's a bad idea because many providers block Amazon EC2 at the firewall due to repeated massive hacking attempts.

Brooklyn, NY

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Unless you really set to go with Asterisk I would recommend you consider Anveo retail. They have some IVR capabilities and you can host conference calls as well.


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Anveo doesn't work for forwarding calls and making outbound calls with it while maintaining caller ID otherwise I would. If you set Anveo to ring an inbound call on a SIP device as well as on a cell phone, it doesn't show the caller ID name. Even on the SIP device with caller ID look up enabled it wouldn't show it when I tested it.


Lincolnshire, IL
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For that kind of usage a micro instance will be fine. I manage a dev box on a micro instance currently with asterisk 1.8.x installed. We've had a five user conference a month or so ago and without an issue.

I assume you want to use Amazon's free micro instance offer trial. Otherwise, an on-demand micro will run ~$14.50mo unless you buy into a reserved instance.

It is true that AWS has a hair trigger throttling micro instance CPU spikes, but low level asterisk usage (ours always had >10 channels) hasn't brought out any throttling issues.

Nitzan does raise a good point about provider firewalling AWS IP's. The one on our instance (voip.ms) apparently doesn't.