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Kalamazoo, MI
reply to wingspar

Re: [Speed Issues] Can't Use Internet Speed Test

said by wingspar:

Both computers go thru the same router, so I'm suspecting there is something on this computer that is the problem. How to find that out is beyond me. It's not a recent problem. It has been happening for months. I seem to be able to access sites just as fast on both computers, so I haven't seen the need to fix it, but it is bugging me.

In the end, I am in the process of rebuilding this computer. It's been running since 2006. I have some components ordered already, and hope to have the rest ordered in the next two days once I choose a motherboard. I will be using the same case, but my current C:\ drive will go by by, and a new SDD will take it's place. Hopefully, the new installation will fix this problem.

Um, I already told you how to remove the OS from the equation, without needing to do a full format/install of your OS.
But, since you are going to reinstall anyway...