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Scottsville, VA

[Embarq] Rebooting DSL Modem Update

I was bad about not following up on the forum posts but do have an answer to why I was needing to reboot the modem every few days. Turns out I was having line issues and accumulating errors. By rebooting the modem I cleared them. One day I was talking to a support specialist for another question about bandwidth restrictions and mentioned the rebooting issue. She did an in-depth look at our line, ran some remote tests and suggested sending a tech to investigate further. He arrived several hours later and split the data line and voice line installing what I think was a filter at the outdoor box. He said we could leave the DSL filters in the house installed if we wanted but they were no longer needed. This indeed has cured the issue. It's been weeks and the speed has been consistent. We're rated at 8Mbs and tests show consistently just barely under. I'm quite happy with our service and quality of both voice and data. Centurylink has saved my sanity.