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TWC in NC - QAM broadcast no longer works for CBS and NBC

As of yesterday, 5/29/13, my TV is no longer receiving channels 5-1 (CBS) and 17-1 (NBC). I have TWC in North Carolina. TV gives an error of weak or no signal. I am still able to tune in 11-1 (ABC). I am using TV QAM tuner, no cable box.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue or know if TWC removed these unencrypted channel broadcasts? It's useless contacting TWC, they are clueless about the unencrypted channel broadcasts.


I was able to resolve the issue by just rescanning for all the stations. This thread can be deleted.

[MOD NOTE - Thanks for letting us know how you resolved it. We'll leave this thread in place in case anyone else is having similar issues. They'll know how to fix it, too.]


Thanks for this post !


Henderson, NC
reply to Twcnc
In addition to 5.1 and 17.1, I also lost 5.2, 17.2. 50.1 and 50.2 (50 is the sister station of 5, for those of you "not from around here"). It's obvious that TW did something, but as you say it is a waste of time to contact them regarding certain channels disappearing. They have an All-or-Nothing approach to their cable service. If any one channel is working, it's not their problem.

The rescan does indeed get the missing channels back, but now I get to (yet again) go back through and delete the channels I have no interest in seeing.

But When ? ?
Irving, TX
The TV Mfg. better get on the ball and make it easier to live in the QAM world.

I am having issues with TWC and QAM in Dallas. On my big screen, I keep losing Discovery in HD on 2.1, and it won't come back even with re-scan.

But..... my Vizio faltscreen in the computer room is newer, and has Discovery HD on 2.1 with no problem, and it hasn't lost the channel.

So (maybe) my problem is with the tuner in the Sanyo Big Screen??

I've started keeping a detailed log of all the channels that come up with a QAM scan. Above the standard basic channels past 76, there are 26 digital channels that have a picture. Of those 25, only 5 are not on the stadnard/basic QAM channels (to 76).

The "extra" channels above 76 that I like to watch are:
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