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Albany, NY
reply to EGamboaCR

Re: hahaha...

You are not forced into arbitration and anyone can take AT&T to either Small Claims Court for recoupment of monies, or a State Supreme Court for non money matters.

Small claims is just you and them. No lawyers. The customer pays a small fee to have AT&T served with a summons and complaint.

They will settle since it is not worth their time and trouble to fight you.
The fees to the court, loss time equated to money per hour, and even a Certified Return Receipt for a dispute of charges letter can be added to that court claim. Usually takes 30 days to have your case heard.

For state supreme court actions you will need an attorney and there will be pre-trial meetings and fact finding. But this would be on something like the fees imposed are a materially adverse change to the contract you are under and the court possibly rule in favor of the customer. But you would have to have your attorneys fees reimbursed by AT&T through the trial judge.

Again no one is made to go to arbitration, the cell company would like its customers to believe that they have to.

Don't you believe it.
Knowledge is a terrible thing to waste. That is why I post when I can.