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Live in rural area, about 6 miles from nearest CO.

I ave been here for a little over 6 years, and 6 years ago at&t said they would "soon" be providing dsl to my area...

I understand the reasons why i cannot get it, distance from CO ect ect signal degradation. I have been gaming online for about 2 years with my unlimited plan from sprint....of which i get about -95dbm 0asu..

average 120-200 ms and 1-2.2 mb/s down.

All i want is any kind of wired internet line, be it isdn, ect ect

there are a suspicious number (8) of copper wires that come all the way up to the external company jack outside, and only 2 of them (of the ten total) actually go inside... to serve as a tcp phone line.

question, is it possible that at&t is holding out on me, and that i *could* get service, albeit not very good service, which i would be wholly okay with?

i dont care about downspeed beyond ~256k as long as i can ping at sub 100 ms.


Milford, NH
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The distance limit for ADSL is about 18,000 to 20,000 feet so 6-miles is way to far.

If AT&T said they were planning to service your area that means they plan to install a Remote Terminal to reduce distance.

ISDN is a possibility. Binding both lines yields 128kbps connection with very low latency. ISDN and T1 are not distance limited as repeaters can be used to extend range. Check with AT&T and see if they support ISDN in your area. It was supposed to be the next big thing in telephony several decades ago but it is very much a legacy technology. There is an ISDN forum here at BBR but it is not very active.

I assume Cable is not an option.

Most states are involved in Federal broadband mapping project. Check that to see what other options are available.

If money is no object you could order a T1 line symmetric 1.5Mbps, but you are probably looking at $500 a month.




Money is very much an issue and the lowest t1 line i can get is about 330$ a month.

I talked to a tier 1 live rep online and she simply said no, isdn is not available.

is it possible to go to tier 2 or higher and see if i can order an isdn line?

There is a large commercial farm about 1/4 mile from us that has a high speed connection. i assume they are using a t1/t3 line, if not isdn


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And i actually tracked down my town's Co and my house is exactly 21,465 feet from it.


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sorry for all the replies >.

that was to the center of town, it is actually 2064 feet to the CO, so i am assuming i can go with this 3mb/s adsl line?


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Sorry for the string of replies,

that distance is as the car travels, not as the crow flies, and we have underground phone wiring.

I believe my problem is that ATT no longer provides ADSL in my area, only fttn Uverse, which is limited to (at a stretch) 14000 feet.

I have found a local teleco that provides rural non fibre lines of 3mb/s for 49.99.

the price is huge, but ill take that hit for gaming.


Henderson, TN

I suspect that you are stuck in the same quagmire that I am. ATT has capped the "fast access DSL" and won't add new users; however, they will provide uverse at some future date and will only install uverse in your area. It just sucks that they have yet to deploy uverse.

Also, if the home is newer or has had issues with the old phone lines, when ATT runs phone lines to your home, they're going to run cat5 (or above) instead of simple POTS lines. They'd rather have 8 wires to your home than 2. They can then add more services in the future.