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Baltimore, MD

Port Forwarding Solution for FVS318N

My dad needed help figuring this out, and after studying the instruction manual for a long while, I came up with the following solution that is working for him. He needed to allow port forwarding to a networked webcam.

Essentially, you are opening up the firewall to allow inbound traffic to the port and local IP address of your choice. It's a two step process.

Step 1. Set up Security Service. Go to Security>Services.

Add Custom Service.

Name: whateveryouwant (e.g. webcam)
Type: TCP
ICMP Type: leave blank
Start Port: yourport#here
Finish Port: yourport#here
Default QoS Priority: Normal-Service

Step 2. Security>Firewall.

For INBOUND SERVICES, click on the “+ Add…” button

Service Name: whateveryouwant (the one you just setup in step 1)
Action Filter: ALLOW always
Select Schedule: leave as is (shaded out?)
Send to LAN Server: Single Address
Start IP Addresss: static ip address for the camera (e.g.
Finish IP Addresss: static ip address for the camera
Port Number: Check the box
Enter: yourport#here

WAN Destination: Broadband
Start: leave blank
Finish: leave blank

LAN Users: leave default blank if you can, otherwise “Any"
Start: leave blank
Finish: Leave blank

WAN Users: Any
Start: leave blank
Finish: leave blank

Log: Never
Bandwidth Profile: None

Hit the Apply button.

That should do it! It's best if you make the webcam have a static IP address. This is usually something that can be down within the maintenance/setup for the webcam. Also, you should assign a port # to your webcam as well, since using the default port 80 can cause problems.