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[Word] Dynamic lettered bullets complication

Maybe a simple question, but I am editing a very large technical directive (150 pages) with a long list of references. Of course, I want to make the list dynamic so that I don't have to re-letter them every time I add or delete a reference.

The problem is that, due to the strict rules of formatting in my organization, the bulleted list must start on the same line as:

Ref: (a) Blah
(b) Blahdey Blah

Is my desire to have a dynamic list compatible with this formatting requirement?


Alamo, CA
should be pretty straight forward. Not sure what version of Word you are using, but under an older version just choose Format, Bullets and Numbering, and then look for the one that has (a), (b), etc. In my old version, it shows up under the 'Numbered' tab. If you need to put in a line break without causing another letter to appear, use shift-enter.