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Fairfield, OH

New ZTE TV box menus

So is there much difference with the upgrade they pushed out to the ZTE set top boxes?


Cincinnati, OH

From the little time I spent with it this morning, YES.
It's MUCH faster, more responsive.
You now have iHeartRadio.
All of the TV settings are right there, on the screen at the same time. Makes it easier to change aspect ratio etc.
Also, if you have whole home DVR, you have more functionality. You now have FIVE "actions" instead of 3.



Yes, the response is quicker and the new functionality is nice.

But who decided to make the information boxes (which appear when changing channels) so darn big? On my 47" widescreen TV they take up the bottom THIRD of the screen - this is stupid!

Is there an option I've missed to either not display them or to change their size?

Also, I'm noticing that channels with duplicate channel numbers (511, 533, 566, etc) drop the third digit when I manually enter the number using the remote - this really stinks. Most time it take more than six tries to get the correct channel number.

I'd rather have the previous performance than this setup now.


Fairfield, OH

I haven't had a problem with third digits being dropped. Sounds like an issue with the remote keypad.

In the Menu->General Settings selections, you can change the overlay to "Light" and it makes the info boxes and guide more transparent. I also wish the menus were a little less intrusive though.

Has anyone else had an issue with the left edge of the guide being cut off on a regular TV screen? It makes the channel number unreadable. I've tried changing the display and ratio settings with no solution yet.



If this is with the keypad, it is affecting two CB remotes, a universal remote, and an IR Blaster. I think I need to give support a call.

I have noticed on my older, standard TV the channel number being cut off. I've tried changing the resolution and aspect within the general settings - but that has not helped.


Cincinnati, OH
reply to Crispin

Did this software update fix the issue where the picture and audio would freeze randomly. I believe I heard someone say they were suppose to send out an update to fix that issue.