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Tuscaloosa, AL

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Making VPN's illegal

Yeah, that'll work. First, many companies rely on VPN's, so they won't take too kindly to them being outlawed. Second, if the idea is to only outlaw these particular services, while there may be some slim chance that they could pull it off with services based in the U.S., there would be no way they could do the same for foreign ones, which is what many people are going to use anyway. About the best they could do is try to keep people from using credit cards to pay for them, but then people will just buy Bitcoins and use those instead.

The problem with all these efforts is that the entertainment industry is waging an arms race against a very large group of people who generally aren't in it for the money--they're in it for the challenge of staying one step ahead of these companies. And those kind of people tend to live and breathe this stuff. They don't clock out a 5 and forget about it; they are constantly working on it. If VPN's are shut down, they'll begin work on something else.


Austin, TX
said by ISurfTooMuch:

If VPN's are shut down, they'll begin work on something else.

I tire so much from all these limp-penises attempting to shackle the User with their draconian control methods.

Thanks, ISurfTooMuch, for your succint retort.


reply to ISurfTooMuch
Outlawing VPNs is a very possible reality. Our government has no limit of incompetence and is not required to have any intimate knowledge of the consequences on the laws they pass. If the entertainment industry puts a law before them outlawing VPNs with an enforcement that ISPs must use DPI to detect use of VPNs, then they will win. All they have to do is either say it is "to protect the children" or "fight terrorism" and people will not only accept it, they will willingly embrace it. If worked right, they could use both and then even the grandma's will come out in support.