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Flagstaff, AZ

[Connectivity] Need Opinion on Connection Issues

I'm just looking for some insight on this issue before I ask for a tech to come down.

We've had Suddenlink at our house for the last few years, going back to when they were NPG. For the last couple years we've been on the triple play bundle plan, renting one of their modems, and things have been more or less acceptable as far as service goes.

Recently, we decided to drop phone and cable, and we returned their modem.

I had purchased a Linksys cable modem a few years ago before we added phone and cable to our account, so that's what I had planned on using moving forward. I got it hooked up, called SL and we got it activated and running in minutes. Everything was perfect.

A couple days later it completely quit.

When I called SL they told me the reason was that I was using a DOCSIS 2.0 modem with their 30MB service, and that the bandwidth was overloading the modem.

I go down to pick up a new Motorola modem, plug it in, call SL and get it activated. They can see the modem, but we're unable to get it activated. It lights all the way up to the internet light, then reboots. The tech really wants to get someone down to my place, but I opt to pick up another modem, having purchased lemons in the past.

New modem is a Netgear. I get it home, connect, call SL. We're having the same issue, except after a good 30 minutes on the phone the thing decides to connect. Everything seems to be running fine, so I let the tech go.

Now, in the last few days, I've been intermittently losing connection, and when I restart the modem it takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes for it to connect again, IF it connects at all.

If it's not disconnecting entirely it's crawling to unusable speeds at random hours, which is what's usually prompting the restart.

I'm at my office so I can't access the modem at the moment, but does this sound like something a tech needs to come out for, or am I just having bad luck with hardware?

I'm out in Flagstaff, AZ. Sorry for the long story.

Need for Speed
Winterville, NC

It sounds like a signal issue. Without knowing what your numbers are, one can't be sure, it could be other issues, but to me, it still sounds like you'd need a truck roll.

Good luck, keep us posted.
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