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reply to PaulHikeS2

Re: give me standalone HBOGO

said by PaulHikeS2:

said by bionicRod:

Season 3 is out on DVD? No. And if the past two years is any indication, it won't be until early 2014. Until then the only options are an HBO subscription (and all the other channels you have to buy before you can get that) and piracy. Netflix Streaming will never get GoT.

Of course it's not out yet. What, you need it today?

I guess you also have the same issue with every single movie that comes out for theatrical release. Until it comes out on DVD/streaming services (which happen around the same time), you're choices are paying to see the movie or piracy.

While the system has some limitations, your answer speaks more to your character.

FWIW, I am all over these boards denouncing piracy every chance I get (check out my first post in this thread). I have an HBO subscription and have bought the blu ray sets of both seasons of GoT, and have pre-ordered Season 3. I am merely pointing out that HBO's severe locking down of their content and lack of legal means to consume it encourages piracy. It's common sense.

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