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Re: give me standalone HBOGO

This is the wrong way to do the math. If HBO were to offer internet video they could choose 20 dollars a month and get maybe a million people, or they could choose 5 dollars a month and get 10 million subscribers. Which one do you think they will choose?

They could also charge 1000 dollars a month and get 1000 subscribers. At some point their cost/return normalizes and they maximize revenue. If I were to guess, it would be around the 5-10 dollar a month rate.

In any case there is likely millions of dollars a year left on the table that they ignore by not offering internet subscriptions.

If they were really smart, they would do something like this:

Game of Thrones $2 a month
True Blood $2 a month
Boardwalk Empire $2 a month
Eastbound & Down $2 a month
The Newsroom $2 a month

All current HBO series 7.50 a month
All HBO access 10 a month.


Oh I see, when prices come down, people will stop stealing these shows, right? NOT. People will continue this crap whether HBO cost $15 a month, or $2 a show. Lets get real here.