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West Tenness
reply to bionicRod

Re: give me standalone HBOGO

said by bionicRod:

Oh yeah that's what I have been saying. It's a piracy inducing model. But to say "It's not for sale so I must pirate" is a tad disingenuous.

I don't agree with that either. But you also need to live in reality. look at prohibition. Sure the idea that we'd have a society where people wouldn't feel the need to get drunk sounds great. FORCING that on everyone didn't work out the way they planned. So eventually even the most staunchest prohibitionist admitted they needed to let people legally drink.

In a perfect world people wouldn't pirate if they couldn't get access to their content. In the REAL world that doesn't happen and to think if you only just allow people to access content one way legally that people will take that route, is just fantasy. Companies like HBO are like prohibitionists 6 years into prohibition when it was CLEAR to everyone else it wasn't working and in fact making things worse and they just kept saying "It'll work give it time".

As I said I make a HUGE distinction between the "I want everything for free" pirate. And the person that says "Hey HBO I'm willing to give you the SAME $15 if you would just take my money."


Binghamton, NY
If prohibition had passed fifty years ago instead of one hundred years ago it would still be in effect, even with all the negative consequences that came with it.

If anyone is inclined to dispute this assumption on my part I have a four word rebuttal for you: "The War on Drugs"

A pity we've grown so stubborn that we're lost the ability to learn from and fix our mistakes...