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Climax, MI
reply to 88615298

Re: give me standalone HBOGO

said by 88615298:

said by Alcohol:

Netflix does not undercharge. They charge what they think is the right amount. Otherwise they would charge more.

Yeah because the last time they tried to raise prices by a couple of bucks their stock lost 80% of it's value and they lost 20% of their subscribers and got blasted in the media. If you asked them private they would love to charge a bit more as to acquire more content. People why Netflix has mostly crap content. Well that's all they can afford. Quit threatening to leave if they raise the price a few dollars so they can get this better content.

No, that is not why their stock lost 80%. They lost 600,000 customers because they separated the DVD plans with the instant streaming plans. The CEOs letter sounded very arrogant and the idea to split the company into 2 separate entities is what made people angry.
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