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Accessing sqlserver which has a local host name over VPN

I have a ZyXEL USG with L2TP VPN set up and it works well. However when i try to access local host names which are stored in the DNS of our local server I can't access them.

I tried adding the local server IP to the DNS list but without any luck.

A temp solution i found is by modifying the host file on every remote client PC but i would like to know if there is a better solution.

Any ideas?




I have the same problem with my ZyXel USG 50. I am using L2TP IPSEC, which connects my computer to my internal network. I can access the internet no problem; however I must use IP addresses to access network resources.

I have found that I can manually configure the IPv4 DNS settings for my client's VPN adapter, and that will use the network's DNS server; however there has to be another way.

ipconfig /all within L2TP tunnel shows no DNS address until I manually configure it.

How can I, whether it be by policy, Phase I settings, Phase II settings, etc., get the connection's DNS to automatically point to my network DNS server?


I managed to solve the issue. Add the DNS server IP address to the DNS custom entry in the L2TP setting on the USG. Then add the DNS IP in the System -> DNS setting on the USG. following that you can add the internal site names and their respective IP addresses to the Address/PTR record.


Very good work, Mike! I cannot believe I overlooked that one setting in L2TP. I wasted two days on that /

Just so you know, because I am allowing NetBIOS traffic, I went ahead and assigned my WINS server (specific for this), and did not have to make any adjustments to Address/PTR in DNS.

The only thing I am having problems with, and I'm not sure if there is a fix, aside from changing the iP, is that when I try to access the ZyWall from the tunnel...it keeps trying to go to the device I am connected to for wireless. is very generic, and I know this will be an issue until I can resolve it. For now, I access the ZyWall from the WAN; however I would like to kill that firewall rule at some point to lock it down.

I guess I could always RDP into one of my servers (perhaps make a management hyper-v, and then access it from there??

Thank you for your good work!