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Snohomish, WA

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reply to ISurfTooMuch

Re: seems reasonable

But it also could be seen as protecting their exclusivity rights as internet area restrictions rarely work well, obviously wireline systems like U-verse or FiOS serve specific locations. not sure how much TW overlaps with those 2, but I could see restriction on them as well.
Exclusive distribution has been around longer than video entertainment, film, recording and theater companies have always had preferred/exclusive outlets. non-exclusive distribution only came about when cheap reproducible media allowed mass marketing of reproductions.
Broadcast and syndication rights have always been separate and distinct from physical copy sales. ie owning a physical copy does not permit broadcast of public display.

Again, the owner could sell the right to NEVER release a given title, and probably would if the guaranteed return was higher than the likely public return AND the rights the hold permit that

You might see it as a Disney film/show but when you see the credits "a type W production in association with" and so on , is about the complex set of arrangements as to who owns what rights in return for }{ distribution , reproduction, marketing etc. and how much they each get.
Basically so complex they formed the xxIA's to keep track for them, managing disputes and violations.