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[Speed] Wifi not....

I have a Arris 3.0 modem with the 30mbs down package. My wired connection works fine, but my Wifi is always slow or dropping. I use wifi for my gaming consoles and my laptop and would like some help with this soon.


WiFi is not the best option for gaming, as it is inconsistent and is subject to interference from outside sources. It is a known issue with wifi and not just with suddenlink.


Mineral Wells, TX
reply to Baldwin751
What I would recommend for gaming if you just have to have wifi, is get a good wireless N router, not a cheap one at all


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Wifi is the only option for my handhelds Also I need it for my laptop. The bad wifi connection just started this past week and half or so


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My wifi has become unusable all together over the last few days. I can see it on my devices but I can not connect.


Clovis, NM
Others may need more specifics, router type, Troubleshooting steps you have attempted otherwise you run into. The same ol questions Did you reset your router thing etc. WRT54G's are notorious for requiring resets after a lot of data has been pumped through it. (but i think they have a Firmware Update that fixes that) But Some firmware updates cause other probs that is why i don't use the Auto Firmware Upgrade.
Same can be said for Drivers causing other probs when one issue for a small group is fixed.

Don't know your specifics, but i will throw the PS3 thing out there.
PS3+cheap router WiFi=Lousy streaming from the media server, Lousy gaming.
PS3+cheap router Cat5=No problems at all

I have known several people waste money on expensive routers to try and fix the PS3 WiFi lag issues with no success so i believe it's a PS3 WiFi thing.

Wii+cheap router WiFi=hardly noticeable issues from time to time
Wii+cheap router Cat5=No problems at all