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Binghamton, NY
reply to 88615298

Re: give me standalone HBOGO

said by 88615298:

The big issue is that getting HBO which is only $15 dollars also requires a pay TV package which is in excess of $60 a month or more. Essentially making HBO closer to $75 or more which you have to admit it a bit price gougey.

You make a valid point, though I suspect the number of people willing to pay for just HBO without basic cable is very very small. People are either TV junkies (i.e., willing to write that fat check every month) or they're not. I fall into the second category; I get by just fine with my eight OTA channels.

Actually I was laughing about this a few hours ago at a friends house.

"Here, have the remote."
"Ok, thanks."
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It's just like being at home, there's nothing worth watching, the only difference is it takes longer to figure that out when you have 100+ channels than it does when you have eight.