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Binghamton, NY
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Re: give me standalone HBOGO

I'm somewhat skeptical that there is a statistically significant number of people who engage in piracy solely for want of legal means to obtain their content. Such people do exist; I have been one of them in the past. I used to pirate Dexter because it wasn't available in what I perceived to be a reasonable amount of time. While this was happening I was simultaneously forking over $3/episode without complaint to obtain Breaking Bad from Amazon.

I'm just skeptical that there are enough of these people to make a significant impact on Time Warner's bottom line, assuming they opted to release their episodes on Amazon/iTunes/etc. It might even have a negative impact on their bottom line if it adversely affected their relationship with the MSOs and other content providers. Someone alluded to this in another comment on this story.

One can assume that the folks at Time Warner have at least studied this issue, and that as a for-profit company they would give it a go if it had a reasonable chance of enhancing their bottom line.