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Decent Free RDP Software for iPad 4?

I've been running Splashtop 2 on my Android phone for a while and, aside from the need to run a streamer program on the PC, it works quite well, considering the challenge of working with a 2560x1600 PC display on a phone.

Wife got me an iPad for Father's Day gift and alas, there's no free Splashtop for iPad. There's a Splashtop Enterprise that's free, but I can't seem to get past the login, even though I have a Splashtop account.

I'm looking for a decent RDP program (LAN only--don't want outside access), preferably one that doesn't use a streamer program or need internet connection. The RDP software must support high host screen resolutions and allow scrolling (although the Retina display on the iPad is very close to the resolution of the host PC, so scrolling may not be needed).

There are many RDP programs for free in the Apple Store, but alas, which one?