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Marietta, GA

anyone recomend Comcast Cable or AT&T u-verse

I am looking to change internet providers.
can anyone comment on reliability and pricing?
who offers the better deal?
when comcast says 25 mbps do they really deliver?


Alpharetta, GA
I have Uverse in Johns Creek. The cost of the 18mb Down connection is more than what Comcast charges for me speed but you don't share the bandwidth and can get full download even during peak times. The other cool thing is the wireless remote which allows you the ability to move the TV around for like a kids slumber party.Note the TV and the internet share bandwidth on Uverse. There is a max of 3 H?I Def TV per household on Uverse.

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reply to rhendrix9
When Comcast gives you a speed rating, often you will achieve higher than that rating. For example, my line is rated at 50 down and 10 up. Here is my latest speed test:

As far as peak time speeds, my download usually remains 55 or above and my upload is always above 10.5.

In terms or reliability, I have had some problems in my area, but, it was not Comcast's fault. There was someone stealing the amplifiers in the neighborhood. The delay in getting it fixed was in Comcast coming out and replacing the amplifier.

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