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Madison Heights, MI
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smtp port 25

I called tonite to find out if i order a static ip do they block port 25 on residential service. I was told now they do not, and they went further to say that WOW does not block any ports, however your router (customers) may be blocking it.

I understand the router but u thought i have read here that port 25 is blocked, Dan can you confrim this please.


Dearborn Heights, MI
Port 25 isn't blocked for me, at least not outright. I don't run SMTP, but I had my router redirect port 25 to my web server's port 80 and was able to connect to it via port 25 from a remote system. So port 25 itself works. It's possible they could specifically block SMTP packets for port 25 but I doubt they do it. I'm pretty sure Dan once said that WOW doesn't have any of the hardware necessary to do any sort of deep packet inspection.

Royal Oak, MI
reply to smunro622
25/tcp is not blocked. I ran a mail server off of my WOW residential service for years (but no longer). The only issue you may run into is that since the IP block is characterized as an ISP access subnet, your server may be more prone to landing on various black/gray lists for incoming SPAM protection. The other challenge is that while you can register a domain and setup your mail server on that WOW IP for the MX record, anyone who does a reverse lookup on the IP will resolve to a Wow FQDN.. not the same domain that you're likely using for the MX record... which can also cause some headaches.
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San Jose, CA
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reply to smunro622
I would expect a static IP address would not have any normal service ports blocked; even if the ISP normally blocks service ports on residential accounts. Service port blocking would defeat the primary purpose of a static IP address.

If you are planning on running an SMTP server, being able to delegate your domain in reverse DNS would be useful. (cookie.hupkid.us []) looks more professional than (173-228-19-254.dsl.static.sonic.net []).
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