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Clovis, NM

[Rant] Installed a Cable Box and I thought Field Techs were monk

I hope some SuddenLink rep REALLY READS this and can do something before something happens to customers equipment/TV's (Non-SuddenLink equipment).

I had a Cable Box installed this morning, and figured the standard SuddenLink trucks would come, but that didn't happen 2 Kids in a Beat up van, Unprofessional clothing like they live in the van, sleep in their dirty rag/clothes and just put on a reflective plastic vest to go to work.

If the professional looking Field Techs were Trained Monkeys, what do I call these guys.

I guess they are just good for 3 minute cable box installs. (most was programming putting batteries in the remote)
And they acted like and smelt like an un-named green leafy substance that was smoked.
(used to work with those types (and some, [1 out of 10] work well and don't get fired, maybe because they are paranoid either way the good ones got the job done and were great drivers) also delivered to those types in my Pizza delivery days)

Wait there is a term for those types.
So I do know what to call them and it Sounds a lot like HOT-HEADS


Las Vegas, NV

Re: [Rant] Installed a Cable Box and I thought Field Techs were

Those would be sub-contractors. They are getting common in most cable markets. Getting a real Suddenlink tech out would be for more advanced work, or close in cities. They think a monkey with only a few brain cells are worthy of installing boxes. But I would call in and try to talk to someone in management.


Clovis, NM

3 edits
The monkeys were the many prior field techs that came out to fail to fix an issue over 3 years when I pointed it out to them all along.

I guess if you didn't call them single cell monkeys your post may or may not have been removed as follows and I guess a rant is needed in another forum maybe this one since the question will be if anybody had messages disappear/removed from SuddenLink's forum

Edit1: hopefully it's just a glitch but in case it's not
Edit3: Incase it's not a glitch. I originally posted concerning a customer service issue, semantics were used to not promote the idea to somebody if somebody was ignorant to the topic.
(I did not promote the idea nor did I promote the act)
Just brought it up in discussion in semantical form.

I thought promote definition utilized here at DSLReports.com was to support or actively encourage, but did not do either.
But I guess it's promote as in talking about it at all in any form.

Did a mod delete my previous post?
If so where would I find the lovely message of them telling me why they did on here?
If not sent
Why not have the common courtesy of informing us of what we did wrong?
I don't think I violated anything?
Guess I gotta read the TOU again.
Maybe it was just because a we can thing in the TOU

I didn't promote or solicit anything illegal by talking about it.
I gave 2 scenario's of talking about it how I know.

Was it just because a we can thing?
If so was it at the request of SuddenLink not wanting the stigma of hiring people that I stated essentially may or may not have done something wrong but evidence was there that they may have done it. (Customer service issue)
Citing examples of how I know which does not promote it not being stupid enough to do IT myself.