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[TWC] Share Any Good Tech Experiances Here

With all the controversy and back-lash over bad TWC techs, I thought it would be cool to make a thread about good tech experiences here. Let's try to post only good tech experiences here, and see how it goes: I had Caller ID on TV multiple call logs, and intermittent pixiation on maybe three channels. I have Triple Play, with HBO, Showtime, and Sports Pass.

Tech brought out the SA-8300HDC. Picture seems clearer though and when he activated it from his truck, after the Cable Card boot up there was a screen that said something like. (You can't get the newer boxes in my division unless you are a Signature Home or Whole Home Sub.)

"Your TV Experience Will Begin in a Few Moments" (or similar words.) The bottom of the screen in the center had a count-down button that corresponded to the L-11, L-10...(ect) on the screen. I had never seen that quoted message before.

Still same version of Navigator. DVR Compensation is still there. The only thing that I had to do was I set the SD channels to Stretch. And I had to change channels before the box would take the Stretch setting.

The older software started counting down at L-13. This one starts at L-11, so something was shortened in the boot sector sequence. The box I just swapped also had the count-down start at L-11.

He also gave me a little "Getting Started With TWC book." The tech had his name and cell number inside the pocket of the book, which I thought was a nice touch. I liked his honesty about the Caller ID. He could have lied and said, "Oh, yea, we are really working on it and hopefully it will be fixed soon." Instead he said, "We had a staff meeting and the consensus was that as long as it was working, our guys didn't really care when it got fixed. They felt that as long as it is logging the calls, that this was the most important aspect.

He also called ahead of time and asked some questions just to verify the problems we were having, how long they were going on, could we guess the age of the box. This tech was excellent.


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Steve Mehs
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Re: [TWC] Share Any Good Tech Experiances Here

I’ve shared these stories here and other places before. This is why I love Time Warner Cable. This is why I will never leave. This is why in the off chance Verizon ever wires up my little rural town that they don’t care about, with Fios, I will tell them to shove their fiber so far up their ass it comes out their throat!

With above & beyond service, I can easily overlook price increases.

Story #1 – April 2005
At this point back in time I was a broadband only subscriber and relied the inferior services of DirecTV for TV and Verizon for phone service. One day all of a sudden I started having random drops on my cable modem. I would lose connectivity for hours at a time and then it would come back for a day or two and then it would do out again. I was a total noob when it came to cable and finally called Time Warner. I called on a Friday, there were no service appointments available for Saturday, so I got one for Sunday morning. The tech arrived Sunday morning at 8AM sharp, it turned out the main incoming cable line from the tap was running underneath my driveway and into my basement. The weight of the settling of the relatively new (at the time) concrete driveway was crushing the cable line causing massive intermittent signal loss.

The tech ran a new cable from the utility pole across my front lawn, through the garage and into the basement. It was done very neatly and quickly. How quickly, you might ask? As I said the tech got here at 8AM and we made it to 9AM Easter Sunday Church services just in time.

Story #2 – July 2007
While mowing the lawn on the riding lawn mower, one of the cotter pins that attached the deck to the tractor became loose and eventually fell out, causing the blades to drop and the momentum from the spinning blades chewed up a pretty good chunk of the front lawn by the garage. Care to guess what was also chopped up? Yep, that brand new run of RG11 that was installed two years prior on Easter. So no TV and no internet. Called up Time Warner and a tech was out here within about 90 minutes to respond to a freak incident that was not their fault. I had to check my account to make sure I didn’t have Biz Class services A new line of RG11 was ran and we were back in business. Total downtime was about 2 hours.

Story #3 – December 2010
When Signature Home was initially rolled out in the Charlotte area I was green with envy. Finally in December Sig Home made it’s way to Rochester, I called up the day it was available and had an install schedule for the upcoming weekend. The tech came out and basically ran a new cable line for the second modem since separate modems were required for data and voice at the time, installed the MOCA filters hooked up the DOCSIS 3 modem and replaced my DVRs with Samsung 3272 Whole House DVRs. After a day or two I wanted to beat my head against the wall from using the Samsung boxes. The stretched graphics were annoying and the lack of PIP really hindered my hockey watching. I called TW back and requested specifically that I wanted those Samdung DVRs gone and that I wanted Cisco DVRs.

The following Friday a tech came out with two brand new shiny 8642s and I was delighted. These DVRs were never even plugged in before, that’s how new they were. What should have been a simple box swap x2 turned out not to be. The bedroom box went fine, but the living room box would not take the software download. Like I said these boxes were straight from Cisco and didn’t even have Navigator on them, the tech tried a few times and made a few phone calls to try to force the box to accept the download. No go. And at the time, you could not mix Cisco and Samdung Whole House DVRs. The tech made many phone calls and after a long time of trying, was finally able to get someone to find another Cisco box at the main headend some 60 or 70 miles away. Guess where that box was an hour or two later? So basically for a while it was just me and the cable guy hanging out shooting the shit to wait for another tech to drop off the box. The software download on the box went A-OK and I was all happy.

Miscellaneous stuff
- The time I woke up on a Monday morning and went to watch a few minutes of TV before I went to work and every channel was pixelating massively. I called an area supervisor and it was a headend issue that was solved shortly after he received my voice mail.

- The time on a Friday I called up about signal issues and about an hour and a half later a bucket truck was out for an issue relating to the tap.

- This past December when I wanted the cable line in the garage replaced due to accidently nicking it with the hedge trimmer while cleaning out the garage. After the tech replaced the line, as he was walking out the door I made mention of the Cisco 8742 DVR and he said he had one on his van and he asked me if I wanted it. I said ‘hells yeah!’ and he hooked me up with it.
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