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Huntington Beach, CA

[IMG] Since 1.9.4 MRDVR has been super buggy

Hey everyone,

Looking to see if anyone else if having problems since 1.9.4. The DVR functionality has been horrible. I'm getting lock ups and thus no recordings in which I have to power cycle the box.
I have dual video outputs, HDMI to TV in office, Component to TV in the bathroom, analog Audio to a small amp that pushes the sound into the bathroom. When watching a recording while shaving in the bathroom I turned off the TV and audio and the recording froze. The DVR and TV where still on in the other room (with the frozen image on it). I had to reboot the box to get the recording to play. MR DVR seems to give up like once a week now, where I can't play recordings.

I do have an external drive plugged in that worked fine until 1.9.4. I have no recordings left on the internal drive. So maybe I've got some bad sectors on that external drive?

These problems all started after 1.9.4. I'm pretty good with this sort of stuff and I haven't found anything consistent, just that everything seems more temperamental since the upgrade.

Anyone else seen DVR stuff freak out? I hadn't had to power cycle the boxes in a long time with 1.9.1, but at least 4 or 5 times since they updates 2-3weeks ago.

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West Chester, PA
There's already a 1.9.4 thread.
»[IMG] IMG 1.9.4