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Miami, FL
·AT&T Southeast

[Speed] Happy with comcast so far

After a hiccup in my installation (apartment management disconnected the coax from outside to the inside of the apartment) i am a very happy costumer, in comparison with AT&T speeds, just wow! the tech told me there is a 100 meg available in the broward area, but still too expensive and I am happy with the speed

Madera, CA
I use to have at&t myself, only got 2.70mbps from them, switch over to Comcast and much faster speed. I have Performance now, I get between 18 and 25mbps.

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San Jose, CA
·Pacific Bell - SBC

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I had AT&T ADSL service from when it was offered as, "Pacific Bell DSL Service". SBC did not enforce their branding until around March, 2002.

I started in February, 2001; Comcast did not offer Internet in my neighborhood until 2004. Started on 1536/128. As SBC, upload speeds were increased to 256k, finally to 384k. Was offered 3008/512 service for $17.95 at the end of a $19.95 contract year of the 1536/384 service. Maximum speed was:

Due to the 15% ATM overhead. Had to set MTU=1492 due to PPPoE.

In April, 2011, I dumped AT&T for Sonic.net "Fusion". Unlike AT&T service, Fusion is not tiered; the modem and DSLAM negotiate the best speed the loop can sustain. Also, Fusion is DHCP, so MTU can be set to 1500. Still ATM, so the 15% overhead is still in effect; but at 9,156 ft, the sync rate is just shy of the required 6016/768 for AT&T 6M service. Still, faster, and cheaper than AT&T:

Subsequently moved to another residence with a 3,300 foot loop and Sonic.net "Fusion" available. Same price as at the old place, but for a nasty $6.50 monthly modem rental fee. Still cheaper than Comcast 25M unbundled, standard no-promo price. Speed is very decent; should be indistinguishable from 25M service, except downloads:

I now have a /32 static IP address at no cost, and Sonic even allows me to set the rDNS to match my domain. They even provide the zone for less than Dyn.
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Miami, FL
cool, problem is, in south florida is either ATT or comcast and that's pretty much it