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Vinton, LA

[HN9000] can't send emails

My Dad can't send any emails. He uses Outlook 2013. He still receive emails, just can't send any. The problem started a few days ago. I have a different email address on the same account and mine is working fine. I can also log into »home.myhughesnet.com/ using my email address, but when he tries logging in with his, nothing happens....it just goes back to the main page.

He called Hughes tech support , and they told him something about them switching over to a new system and that he would have to change his login to include an alphanumeric. Basically, they told him he had to add some numbers to his login. Why? The login asks for your email address. His email address doesn't contain any numbers. And I can login fine using my email address and it doesn't contain any numbers either. Was the tech guy full of it?



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I would never recommend switching over to an ISP linked email account. If you ever quit using the service, you'll have to pay to continue using the email account. This may help you:

»en.kioskea.net/forum/affich-2809 ··· -outlook

Reno, NV
Go over to the Hughes forum as there are many in the same situation as your dad & he will have to re-register on my.hughesnet.com for the new email BS. This is why I switched everything to gmail.

»community.myhughesnet.com/hughes ··· problems

West Mich.
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In addition to what Sharkyyoung said about the need to re-register Hughes changed the company that they outsource the email service to.
It seems that everything Hughes does is done on the cheap and just doesn't work just right,,,,and the email chango over is just another example.
People report:

Registration errors

Loggin errors that just continue to loop

Loggin that works but unable to open email (web interface)

Can receive mail but can't send

Yours involving the need of an alphanumeric is a new one.

Your best solution is to go to the Hughes forum: »community.myhughesnet.com/hughes ··· t/topics

and post a case number so Sara or Suz can try for a fix.

West Mich.
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Here is a repost of a reply to someone with a problem with Outlook and Hughes mail by one of the Hughes Mods:

Firstly, I want to make sure that you have re-registered with Support Center via »my.hughesnet.com using the same, exact email address that you used previously the first time you registered. Also, please make sure that your password contains at least one upper case letter. If not, please re-register with the same email address used previously to log in, and change your password to contain at least one upper case letter.

Next, please confirm that your Outlook is set to access the same, exact email address that you were using previously before registering with Support Center and that you can also access this email via webmail in Support Center at »my.hughesnet.com. If you can not access webmail, please change your password and make sure that it contains at least one upper case letter and log in again.

If you are able to log into webmail successfully, please ensure that you are using the same email address and password in your Outlook settings. Also, please confirm that your Outlook settings have the following:

Incoming Server - mail.hughes.net
Outgoing Server - smtp.hughes.net

The entire thread can be found here:

»community.myhughesnet.com/hughes ··· problems

Hope this helps.