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This is a sub-selection from Speaking of CB....

Technically feasible
West Hartford, CT

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Re: Speaking of CB....

Even though CB no longer requires a license, Part 95 still applies.

Transmitter power is still limited to 4 watts AM [12 watts PEP on SSB]. Only a type accepted transmitter may be used.

Doing anything else automatically voids the station's authority to operate.

Here's a somewhat instructive NAL from two years ago:
» ··· 0A1.html

CB rules are here:
» ··· &idno=47

FWIW I agree about throwing the worst offenders off the air. If the FCC made a few more examples, it would go a long way toward cleaning up the trash on 11m.

Self-policing on the amateur bands is generally working, but it takes the FCC a long time to act even when given copious evidence by several teams of OOs.