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This is a sub-selection from Speaking of CB....


Glen Burnie, MD
reply to PL239

Re: Speaking of CB....

said by PL239:

we are not allowed to operate our equipment on any other radio service. This includes GMRS , LMRS , CB , MARS - this includes Fire, Police, Ambulance, Forest Fire Service what ever.

You can use modified amateur equipment on MARS and CAP as long as you have a license and authorization to operate there. I knew a HAM who was active using his modified 2 meter radio for MARS.

said by PL239:

It's not illegal for a unlicensed person to operate on 11 meters with a radio that produces more then 4 watts - as long as their equipment does not cause interference with any other radio service - including television.

The CFR says otherwise:

§ 95.410 (CB Rule 10) How much power may I use?
(a) Your CB station transmitter power output must not exceed the following values under any conditions:

AM (A3)—4 watts (carrier power) SSB—12 watts (peak envelope power)

(b) If you need more information about the power rule, see the technical rules in subpart E of part 95.

(c) Use of a transmitter which has carrier or peak envelope power in excess of that authorized voids your authority to operate the station.
said by PL239:

They can, and will - just take it all out into the driveway and smash it with a sledgehammer.

No, the FCC will not do that. They will take your equipment and issue a receipt. There is something called due process. And I do know of a local case where some moron with an linear amp played havoc on my TV and the local FCC knew who he was (drove a Chevy Astro van.) They raided him 2 weeks after I talked to 2 FCC guys who happened to be shopping in the CompUSA I worked at the time.


Aliquippa, PA

Yes I did think that I mentioned MARS somewhere else- maybe you didn't read it.

Yes a non licensed person can operate on 11 meters with more then 5 watts - due to the fact that the FCC is broke and only prosecutes the worst offenders.
You practically have to interfere with a known radio service such as public service before they will do anything.

To get the FCC to do anything, you have to have recordings with date / time stamps and you have to have witnesses.
Especially for the CB radio - which is almost impossible to enforce, because there is no call signs.

Civilian Air Patrol is a real sticky maybe - due to the fact that it is not a part of Amateur Radio - and as amateurs we are not allowed to operate our equipment out of band.

The CAP is not within the amateur radio bands.
Re read the Part 97...

MARS = Military Amateur Radio Service - note the word Amateur..
Mars does require the operator - other then a military service person to be a licensed amateur.

Civilian Air patrol does not require it's licensee's to be proficient in any aspect of amateur radio, no knowledge of the rules and no amateur radio license requirement.

Technicially it is not even a radio service - just a LMRS type frequency.

Long Beach, CA

Actually, it's the Military Auxiliary Radio System.
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