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My views are my own.
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Re: Still a couple problems...

I take it you assume much... my opinion in this matter reflects a difference of right and wrong... however, YOU have failed to establish how someone else listening to their iPod, or reading their Nook, or taking a photo out the window has ANY impact on YOUR existence.. now does it?

So.. I take you you're wrong.

WHY does anyone with an opinion against someone else's way-out-of-line complaint have to be associated with the very thing YOU don't like? ... narrow minded?

To be honest.. I'm never one that travels in coach.. I could care less what goes on back there. Up in the front of the plane we don't seem to have these petty issues.

FYI... tell the pilots to put their iPads down too at take off.. I"m sure what they're doing is the same as "some bozo getting in your way" in case of an emergency too.