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SB6141 - flashing red 'link' LED, compat w/ DLink EBR2310 ?

just upgraded our TWC modem from leased RCA to purchased SB6141. Nice, with a couple issues:

** the 'link' LED stays flashing red. I made sure I had cat5E to the router, no change

** a therapeutic reboot is needed about once a day (with two home workers with VPN and heavy web use)

I see from other forum entries that TWC customers are having trouble with SB6141's - teething pains ? We're in a small metro area in the Hudson Valley, the local net segment may be crowded.

But I've suspected the EBR2310 may be underpowered or flaky from earlier - it replaced a Linksys wired router which was very reliable; it has always had problems with connection stalls. I've tried connecting direct to the cable modem just to compare, but we can't work that way obviously.

So - do either of the combinations (SB6141, EBR2310) or (EBR2310, TWC) spell trouble in your experience ?

If the EBR2310 is just not up to the job, I'd welcome recommendations for a simple home-grade wired router with NAT, firewall & the other usual features.

Also, info on the flashing red 'link' LED would be welcome.



Lexington, KY
Are you sure that the link light isn't flashing "orange"? If it's orange, it's connecting at 10/100 Mbps instead of 1Gbps. Others have tried new cables to fix this (if your router has a 1Gbps WAN port).