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Canton, MI

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[Speed] Comcast Internet speed issues Again!

I really hope one of the higher techs at Comcast can help me again. In my first month I had 5 techs at my house trying to get my speeds I pay for with no success. A few minutes with a higher level tech fixed my problem and I have been getting the 50+ mb/sec for a few months now.

Recently I got a letter in the mail stating I need to return my HD/DVR box I no longer pay for since I downgraded my cable service to basic. I still have the blast package 50+ internet though. Upon returning the box for a basic box the guy at the store stated he made the necessary changes to my account and ensured the internet would not be touched.

Being skeptical of Comcast the second I got home I ran speed tests and continued to run speed tests for a week before coming to the forum. My speeds are back down to 1-5 mb/sec like my original problem when first signing up.

I really hope someone can help as I do not wish to spend my days off fighting with anymore comcast techs that do not know what they are doing.

Please help!



Canton, MI

Re: Comcast Internet speed issues Again!

After doing more reading I see many others with a similar problem. Im running a Motorola Sb6141 which most common techs cannot provision correctly but the higher techs can, which im assuming is who fixed my original problem.

But many times after routine changes to the account or any changes those correct provisions can be reset leaving the modem in bad shape again.
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Clinton, MA
reply to superdrolz

Re: [Speed] Comcast Internet speed issues Again!

Similar issue here in MA w/ Comcast and the SB6141 modem. Replaced an older Moto leased modem w/ the Arris/Moto SB6141. Did all the right install steps, contacted Comcast who did their "thing" for installation. Results were download speeds 1 Mb and upload approx 4 Mb, far less than Perf level I'm subscribed to. So far three phone calls to techs and nada. According to Arris, modem signal levels are right where they should be. Download speed July 4th per was 154 kb. PC's are a Dell Studio XPS desktop and an HP HDX Premium Series laptop, connecting via Trendnet AC1750 dual band router. Tried direct ethernet connection to Dell, no change in speeds. How does one arrange for a Comcast high level tech Vs their ordinary tech??