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[Help] 2004 Sante Fe 2.4L 4 cylinder

Ok I have a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 liter 4 cylinder. I was having problems with the car bucking when i came to a red light. Having my foot on the brake and the car trying to go when I was stopped. It has about 93000 miles on it. I knew I needed a tune up so I asked a good friend of mine who has done work on my previously if he could give my car a tune up. He works for a reputable company here in town which is a Ford/Hyundai dealer. But he works more on Fords than foreign cars. Well he changed the spark plugs and when he went to start the car it was bucking making a lot of noise stalled out and would run. So he had it diagnosed at the Hyundai dealer and he thought it was my cylinders. But they were fine. Returned them and he figured out it was my fuel injectors. So now I have new fuel injectors and new spark plugs. But to no eval the car is now stalling out and running rough, and all the idiot lights keep coming on and changing the codes to my car: (idiots lights meaning check engine lights etc). I am beside myself. Can anyone tell me why the idiot lights would come on and why the car would stall out all the time. Help Puzzled in Arizona.

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It sounds like you need to take it back to the last person to work on it as they have made it worse, not better. If they are in over their heads then they should return your money wasted with them and you should not try to have friends work on your car if they don't know how to properly diagnose and fix what you own.

Or eat the money you spent, never take it to the last person to touch the car who actually made it worse. Now go to the local Dealer to request a diagnostic and estimate for repair. Don't ask for a Tune up, instead tell them exactly what symptoms you have before and after a friend worked on it. Saying you need a tune up doesn't tell the technician to look drivability issue, it tells them to replace the spark plugs as required for the manufacturer's maintenance schedule, not look for damaged or defective components and stored trouble codes. Of course there will be a diagnostic fee you will have to pay if you don't have the repairs performed at the Dealer after they check the vehicle out and give you a diagnosis...

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You will find out it would be cheaper in the long run to just go to the Dealer yourself and tell them what exact symptoms you are experiencing as a tune up is just replacing the plugs since the computer controls/adjusts everything else.
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