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reply to CyberNation$

Re: What is this person saying?

When someone takes bits and pieces of SEPERATE posts, and throws them all together as they weren't written, throwing it at the end of a thread, completely out of context, no wonder.

I could gather fragments of quotes, and throw them all together while leaving the context and placement of them out of the picture on just about anyone's postings (including yours probably), and pretty much make it look as such. If you want to inquire, do so more directly, in context, in direct reply, and without butchering, piecing together, thx.

In fact the manner in which you replied at the end I'm sure could tend to confuse many, if they don't go back and read the thread all over again.... It's like eaves dropping on a conversation one is having on the phone, and only hearing/presenting what one party is saying, despite there was a conversation. There's a reason things are organized into replies (which are given in context and as part of a conversation, not in a vacuum), and sites that don't mantain good contextual relationships in given threads, I tend to avoid, or when the threads grow too large, start another or say no more. It gets to be too much of a pain, when the structure for replies isn't mantained well, and isn't there....

If I were to look at a bunch of fragmentary quotes lined one after another (sometimes fragmentary from the same post, and sometimes from different one's, with no distinguishing characteristic of which is which), and no context provided, no coverage of preceding statements responded to, etc.....I would very much conclude that such a fragmentary presentation isn't sufficient to make comment upon.

Furthermore I would have absolutely no desire to have to go back and re-read everything to establish that which is being left out, reintegrate things as written...so I would probably chose just not to comment, much as I do when threads get long on boards that fail to mantain any form of posting organization so you can know who's post is in reply to whom evers...
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