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El Paso, TX

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reply to tshirt

Re: Good!

said by tshirt:

BTW I looked at a local store that was advertising Sekei brand 1080 sets, and they are TOTAL garbage, if the QC carries through to the 4K models you won't prefer them to a good 1080P Samsung, sony or LG.

Oh, i wasn't suggesting people go out and buy the Seiki. I was merely using it as proof of concept. I'd sooner see my self spending $2,000+ on a 1080p Panasonic VT 60 than the $1,000 on the Seiki. Because if you really care about Picture quality nothing can touch the Panasonic in contrast at the moment. (something that is far more noticeable measure of picture quality, because LCD is so bad at it) For that we will have to wait until OLED or true LED TV's come down in price (or in the case of real LED TV's come out of the prototype stage)

So, as bad as the Seiki might be, it is still very good evidence of what to expect in the very near future, not just from them. But from every major player.

*EDIT* More affordable 4k TV's, this one with an MSRP of $600, but will probably street for a lot less: