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Lincoln, NE

[TWC] Internet Outage - Lincoln, Nebraska

Anybody have any info on today's outage? I have had TWC a whopping 8 days and there's already an outage. I call tech support (India, maybe) wait on hold 20 minutes to be told there's no info other than it's impacting Ohio and Kansas too. Everything about my contact with them seemed fishy. The 2 tech support agents I spoke with had horrible broken English and somebody was speaking a different language in the background. Already considering a switch to Windstream.

lincoln ne


Had TWC in your area for past 12 months and this was a rare event. Yesterday was only time that I've had outage last more than hour. Just saying. And if you do switch, be sure it is cable internet.


Fremont, NE
reply to BigChicken

Yeah outages are rare, and remember things do happen, such as fiber cuts or some equipment fails. I'd suggest you talk to Tier 1 or Tier 3(best), both are locally based in Lincoln, and the Tier 2 Filipinos support is awful in my own experience.


Lincoln, NE
reply to BigChicken

I appreciate the info. It was restored this morning, so not too bad. I am going to need to take in the leased modem/router for a replacement already, though. The router resets under wifi heavy load, dropping all wireless and phone. At least I should be able to do that quickly at the local office.